Hugo Danielsson

Aaron Vickers

Danielsson plays a safe and responsible game, and seems to be just the right defensive partner for a skilled puck-rushing defenseman. He is a smooth-skating, defensively sound blueliner, who is quick and accurate with his passing ability. He shows that he is very capable of moving the puck himself—albeit with very limited creativity—and is willing to take bumps along the way to make a play. His smooth skating makes him exceptionally dangerous on the big ice, although he is still a little slow off the mark. His transitions are fairly smooth for such a big guy and he moves fluidly when skating backward. Danielsson is very aggressive and tenacious when it comes to protecting his own zone, and gets almost overly aggressive below the hashmarks and behind his net, but he is effective using his physical traits. He has a willingness to step up into the play and carry the puck when given the opportunity, but his own-zone coverage is where his true value is. Danielsson gets his head up and looks for forwards clearing the zone, making solid and accurate passes to streaking teammates rather than just chipping it out of the zone, or panicking and banging it off the glass. That is not to say he does not take what is there and sometimes just decides the safe play is just to clear the zone. He can also get caught waiting too long to make a play and fumbles it away. His shot is a work in progress. Danielsson is not always consistent as he can look timid in some instances, but for a team looking for a mobile, defensively safe rearguard to let develop, he has some solid value.  (May 2016)