Hudson Fasching

Darren Walker

Fasching is a big budding power forward with some solid offensive tools to develop. He skates well with a bull like quality once he builds up speed. Still, he has a hard time keeping up with smaller, speedy, agile forwards. He has slick hands and can make some impressive moves for a big guy. He passes well too. Passes are often crisp, accurate and in good time. His shot is the strength of his game though. He has a really strong wrister with pin- point accuracy. He shows the ability to absolutely snipe in close or shoot the puck mid-stride when coming down the wing. He drives the net hard, either being there for a potential rebound or causing congestion in front as well. Fasching possesses the body of a man-child but fails to play with enough aggressiveness or passion to take advantage of it. He needs to use his size and strength to make a difference more often. He came into the season with a high profile but failed to live up to the expectations of being a projected first round selection after his time tearing up Minnesota HS hockey. His intensity and desire have some questions left unanswered. He could be a big body that lacks a true identity yet and could just take longer to develop than his peers. He’s headed to the University of Minnesota next season. (May 2013)