Haydn Fleury

Darren Walker

Fleury is a big, athletic, two-way defenseman who can do it all. He is a world-class skater and just a real athlete for a 17 year old. He shows a smooth stride, great mobility, and quick transitions. He gets around the ice quickly. Fleury shows he can rush the puck, beating opponents with speed as well as using it to get back after joining or leading the rush. Likes to pick his spots when rushing the puck and typically only does so when he knows he can get back and cover his defensive obligations. Has the ability to control the ow of the game when he is on the ice and has the puck in his possession. Fleury sees the ice well and provides a quality first pass. He makes crisp outlet passes and smart decisions when he has the puck. His poise and patience with the puck are good. He doesn’t get rattled easily. Fleury has a lot of offensive upside. He has a big shot from the point that has the ability to beat the goalie clean. He is a smart player who understands how to play the game in all three zones. Fleury shows an ability to read plays and make smart decisions. Can be physical in the corners and shows lot of confidence in open ice, whether it is stepping up to take away a passing lane or carrying the puck up ice. Fleury plays a big, physical brand of hockey. He makes big hits without losing position. He makes life miserable for opposing forwards. If he can hit you, he will. Fleury plays with a nasty edge. Fleury is strong in his own zone keeping threats to the outside. He uses his big reach and quickness to win races to pucks, box out opponents and steer the play out safely. Very aggressive in closing gaps and pressuring guys breaking into his zone. He clears the front of his net and gives opposing players no time. Fleury makes smart, simple plays in his own zone. He is an elite defenseman with strong range and the potential to be a major contributor at both ends of the ice at the game’s highest level. He is a true leader on the backend and a trustworthy minute-muncher who can be a jack of all trades for his team. (May 2014)