Hayden McCool

Aaron Vickers

McCool is a big, aggressive, hard forechecking winger who can cause a lot of mismatches with his combination of speed, hockey IQ and size. McCool has a pro calibre shot in terms of power, but lacks the accuracy of a big time goal scorer. He’ll predominately fill a power forward roll, and will score a lot of goals from in close at this level. McCool shows ashes of being a great puck distributor, but his first instinct is to get the puck on net. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but with a bit more attention to where his teammates are on the ice, it could result in a lot more production for his team. McCool is solid along the boards, and can get a bit nasty when things aren’t going his way. He uses his stick a lot for extracurricular activities, but he can also back it up by dropping the mitts. What a difference a change of scenery can make: McCool saw his ice time drastically increased with a mid-season trade to Windsor, and has shown up to play. He now plays big minutes for the Spits, and in most key situations, including the penalty kill. We really appreciate his commitment level out on the ice. He plays hard every shift like it is his last, something that was not seen in Niagara earlier this season. Really a tremendous turn around for the young man. (May 2015)