Gustav Rydahl

Aaron Vickers

A big and raw two-way competitor. His speed is good for his size although he could use better foot speed and jump off the mark. Plays the role of a big, solid two-way center that relies on his smarts more than flashy skills. Has captained several teams, and has worn the C for the national team. Doesn’t have the shiniest tools, but has lots of useful talents that teams need to win. His intelligence on the ice makes him effective in most situations, both on offense and defense. Lacks the creativity and flashy hand skills to create offensive opportunities by himself and even though he’s got good size, isn’t necessarily a power forward in terms of taking the puck to the net. Has some nice playmaking qualities with his vision and solid timing on passes. He does work hard in puck battles and will use his frame to protect the puck. He will need to work on his faceoff abilities to make himself an even more effective player for a defensive role. Not one to stir up trouble but will answer the call against his own age group if provoked. (May 2012)