Gustav Lindstrom

Aaron Vickers

Lindstrom is a puck rushing defenseman who plays a well-rounded game. He displays impressive passing skills as he dishes out crisp and accurate passes. He is a good stick handler and carries the puck up ice with confidence. He sees passing lanes and open ice very well when going back to retrieve the puck and displays a strong ability to play a long accurate outlet pass, transitioning from defense to offense in a split second. He is agile for his size and shows decent top speed. His skating is improving but still good enough to not hinder his play at this level. He uses an assortment of a shot arsenal, a hard slap shot from the point, a quick wrister when pressured or a hard one-timer off a nice set-up from his teammates. He is a dangerous weapon on the powerplay, where he possesses the puck skills to quarterback a powerplay unit. He sees lanes to push the puck deep into the zone to his awaiting forwards and open skating lanes to take the puck towards the net himself. Can be a slippery dangerous attacker that opposing teams need to keep an eye on. He shows some leadership skills despite his youth and communicates with his defensive partner and goaltender very well. Defensively he has some growth potential but currently he utilizes his stick to close off lanes and is willing to employ a physical game to keep opponents in check. He is a defender who can jump the rushes and who can play a good two-way game.