Gustaf Westlund

Aaron Vickers

Westlund is an effortless skater who gets himself to smart areas of the ice to get a shot on net. This Swedish import has a smooth skating stride that allows him to build solid speed, get a quick jump off the line and have the lateral quickness to deke and dodge through defenders. He has a good athletic frame, but is thin and could stand to add some considerable strength to his legs, core and upper body. Westlund can get pushed around in traffic; added strength would go a long way toward making him much more effective. He handles the puck well with soft hands and creative moves, weaving his way through traffic with a surprisingly long reach. His shot is already solid thanks to a quick release and surprising velocity for someone so thin. That shot will become a real weapon as he adds strength and puts more velocity behind it. Westlund is not a natural a playmaker as he is a goal-scorer, but he does have the ability to put some touch on his dishes and see the ice and his open teammates very quickly. He did not dominate on the stats sheet this season and has much room to develop before we see the finished product, but his raw talent and athleticism has us thinking there is something that will eventually shine through. Westlund was uncommitted to an NCAA school at the time this profile was written, but he is being heavily sought after by many top programs.   (May 2016)