Guillaume Brisebois

Aaron Vickers

Brisebois a thin and fast-moving defender who is very smart, but not very flashy. He doesn’t
stand out in any offensive fashion but is effective in all three zones. He has outstanding mobility
and makes puck movement look easy, but physically he is often overmatched on the boards.
He’s competing, but his lack of functional strength hurt his chances in 50/50 battles. Does not
respond well to getting hit or physically man-handled and has a bit of a questionable ‘soft’ factor
to his game. He plays his position very well though, always keeping himself between his net and
the puck carrier, and using his stick to break up opponents’ chances. Brisebois has very good
timing on his passes and has the versatility to contribute in all situations. Has a decent point
shot–nothing to get too excited about–but effective in a secondary point playing role. His forte
is on defense and steps-up aggressively, closing his gaps quickly to force players wide and off
the puck. He just does not give players a lot of time or space. His feet keep him with any of the
Q’s quicker forwards, and while he isn’t strong he does maul guys on the boards with his long
limbs and ties up well in front of the net. We love his hockey sense and smarts to use what he
has effectively in most in-game situations.  (May 2015)