Greg Printz

Aaron Vickers

Printz is a big, powerful winger who physically dominates in the trenches and in traffic. He plays with a high tempo and solid amounts of speed, which he uses to drive the puck to the net. His skating stride has some issues as he needs to improve his agility and his first few steps, and play more of a start-and-stop type of game to increase his effectiveness. While not an overly creative prospect who will beat you with his skilled hands, Printz can make a power move, protecting the puck while moving around defenders using his strength and reach. Or, he is able to release a strong shot in mid-flight down the wing. His shot is heavy and he gets it off his blade in a flash. He has underrated playmaking ability, as he is able to find the open target through traffic. Printz is most offensively dangerous down around the crease as an opportunistic scorer looking for tips or rebound chances. He likes the physical game, laying out a big check and not being outworked while in battles for loose pucks or fighting for space in the crease. We see someone who has the tools to become a solid support winger who blends a power game with some skill, but the Providence College commit’s ticket to the NHL will only be stamped if he boosts his consistency and improves his skating.   (May 2016)