Graham McPhee

Aaron Vickers

McPhee is a solid two-way winger with strong hockey IQ and compete. He is a strong skater and covers a lot of ice in a short amount of time. He has very strong first strides and shows explosive acceleration in all directions. His leg strength allows him to be balanced on his skates, making him hard to knock off the puck. McPhee can really dangle the puck and has a knack for making defenders look silly. He also has a solid shot and a goal-scorer’s release. McPhee plays a decent two-way game, backchecking a lot, never quitting on plays and showing a good work ethic. His play away from the puck in the offensive zone is outstanding as he is constantly moving, making it hard for opposing defenders to track him down. He opens ice for his linemates with his movement around the net. McPhee is a good mix of determination, skill and agility, and he is very effective at ragging the puck along the wall. He is also willing to use his frame to drive the net and has an excellent nose for the net, showing natural goal-scoring instincts. He is certainly a shoot-first player. He is also fairly raw defensively and his tendency to look for the home run play can lead to some turnovers. McPhee has a ways to go before he is the responsible and trusted player that he might become one day. He is definitely raw and he often tries to do too much, but he has undeniable NHL potential.   (May 2016)