Graham Knott

Aaron Vickers

Knott can be an absolute monster using his size and shot to make an impact, or he can be totally invisible, depending on the contest. Knott doesn’t play a ashy game but is effective in his role on the PP, PK and even strength. He is a good skater for his size, but could add another gear to both his top speed and acceleration. He is very solid on his skates, using his body to protect the puck. He doesn’t have the ashy hands that allow him to deke out defensemen often. Instead he gains the zone, then slows down to try to set up a play or use his reach to try to get around the defenseman with strong puck protection. His passes are generally on tape, from short- to long-range passes. He initiates and dominates cycles and the boards. He possess a good shot but could work on its release. He can go to the net for deflection or rebounds. He is not the most physical, but he will finish his checks; he prefers to angle opponents off more often. He has very good hockey sense. He’s really good at stretching the ice and uses open spaces to make space for teammates or himself. He has a very good vision to find teammates on the rush. He supports teammates very well, especially on the cycle and picking up for them defensively. He gets into shooting lanes to block shots, he also uses his stick to cut passing lanes. (May 2015)