Givani Smith

Aaron Vickers

Smith is a real strong winger who plays a heavy game and will flex his muscle to intimidate opponents into moving the puck if needed. He finishes his checks and is a force on the forecheck. Smith uses his size to his advantage, protecting the puck along the wall, swiveling his hips to keep control and adjust his protection as needed. He does a good job of fending off his check with his free arm and shows no quit in his game in all areas he tries to get control of the puck. He possesses solid puck skills, controlling the puck well in tight, but tends to look down and puck watch, seeing it get away from him at times. Smith isn’t the flashiest of players, but when he keeps it simple, he has plenty of success. He has good ability to quickly move the puck to the side of his body just enough to get off a deceptive wrist shot with power generating from his hands, which are higher than usual, and there’s not a lot of weight transfer. He doesn’t have impressive speed, but he is a real force on the attack when he gets chugging along. Smith possesses good agility, but can be a bit choppy off the start. He loves the get into the best position to get the puck and/or scoring spot, driving hard to the net and looking for a pass and/or rebound opportunity countless times throughout the game.   (May 2016)