Garrett Meurs

Aaron Vickers

A smallish playmaking forward who plays with an edge. Skating is a real deficiency as he has an ugly stride that generates a just adequate top speed. Has no jump or explosiveness in his feet and will need to work on this if he is to advance to the next level. Is somewhat of an invisible player most nights until he makes a very skilled pass or play in the offensive zone. Has nice vision and offensive creativity but lacks the consistent drive to use them shift in and shift out. Will stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong and can be a pest to opponents. Has a quick shot but has hesitated to use it to his own detriment. Has the ability to develop into a solid NHL player down the line but needs some real work. After finishing the regular season strong, his draft stock likely took another hit in the playoffs as he had a real hard time getting anything going. (May 2011)