Gabriel Gagne

Aaron Vickers

Gagne is an under-the-radar prospect with developing goal-scoring instincts. Right away, Gagne’s size catches your eye. A tall, lanky right winger, he skates very well for a player of his size and really uses his stride well. His hands, however, are not too slick. A small concern is his balance as he can be knocked off the puck more easily than you’d expect from a guy his size and has trouble staying on his feet at times. Call it the growing into his frame, maybe. Gagne saw a lot of ice time in Victoriaville this season. Gagne has the ability to get into prime scoring space, like the slot in the offensive zone or setting up just off the circle. He is always moving his feet and thinking of where to get to when he doesn’t have the puck. Gagne is pretty aggressive as well and finishes his checks every chance he gets. He is very good along the wall in his own end and is able to coral the puck and make good plays under hard pressure. Gagne’s size and hockey sense are developing strengths, but he will absolutely need to put some muscle on his six-foot- ve frame, especially his lower body strength if he wants to play at the pro level. While he will never become a ashy offensive playmaker, he has potential as a solid power forward with the ability to add secondary scoring but it will take some time before he gets there. (May 2015)