Gabriel Carlsson

Aaron Vickers

A smooth puck-moving defenseman who has an impressive frame to build upon, skates well
and provides a strong defensive presence. Carlsson is really a great skater for his size, with no
real knocks against him. Moves well laterally and can adjust his speed to control gaps effectively.
He is great at transitioning the puck up ice and has a knack for injecting himself as a key part
of the attack. Carlsson spots openings well and picks his spots smartly. Carries the puck well
but has a tendency to over handle the play at times, resulting in some turnovers. Passes well
coming out of the defensive zone and works the ice at a high level, generating offensive chances
for teammates who get themselves open. Not hesitant with the puck, but has a high threshold
for withstanding pressure. Has a decent shot and can hammer shots through to the net. His
defensive game is effective as he is agile and quick to shut down chances. He is capable of
roughing it up in battles and has the strength and battle skills to come out the victor in physical
battles. Boxes out the front of his net and is quick to bat away chances with his stick. Needs a
bit of simplicity to avoid some blunders, but that may also come with maturity. Needs to work on
some things but, but his head is in the right place to help him be successful. The combination of
his size and skill in both ends will be intriguing for NHL teams, but he will need time.  (May 2015)