Frederic Allard

Aaron Vickers

Allard is that mobile, puck-moving, smooth-skating defender that all NHL teams covet. His tool box consists of great vision, solid poise with the puck, smooth mobility and excellent tapeto-tape passes. In fact, his passes are already NHL caliber, with the combination of power, strength and precision. He doesn’t need much time to spot his options and make the right play. Defensively, he is pretty consistent, but he can get lost in his positioning that leads to disorganisation between himself and his teammates, destabilizing their entire defensive system. However, Allard quickly recognizes this and communicates well to return defensive order. He displays adaptability to changes and a low panic point. He is a defenseman who plays the game in all facets, distributing a lot of body contact even though he is not the biggest player on the ice. He played in all roles this season for Chicoutimi, including puck distributor on the power play and shutdown guy on the penalty kill. Allard is willing to drop into lanes to block shots, use his smarts to read the attack and step up to close off lanes. He plays with an edge and ease that is uncommon for an 18-year-old, showing solid maturity and ability to manage and control the game from the back end. He is, in our opinion, a defenseman with a very complete game, which makes him a low-risk pick for any NHL team.   (May 2016)