Filip Westerlund

Aaron Vickers

Westerlund is a speedy little two-way defender with some offensive instinct. He’s a solid skater in all four directions and is smooth when moving laterally across the zone, but could improve power in his strides by adding lower body strength and getting lower to the ice to dig in. Great on his edges and his thought process shows decisiveness and creativity to his game. Eludes pressure in his own end with great puck control and shiftiness that is hard to contain with a straight line check. He loves to skate the puck up ice and has that ability to go end to end on a play if he finds he is open. He passes the puck with zip and sets up great chances with highly creative plays. He feigns pass and shot attempts in order to freeze defenders and rips the puck on net any chance he gets. He likes keeping the puck low to the ice and looking for deflections with a half-windup on his slap shot. He has good instincts in his own end and has a solid understanding of when to pressure opponents along the boards. He could stand to improve his physicality, as he shies away from initiating contact. Has a bit of youthfulness or risk to his game and needs to add strength to be effective in his own zone but rides players off using positioning and his stick. Has some intriguing upside as a puck rushing blueliner at the NHL level but must physically mature. He’s the kind of guy that could be taken early for a NHL team that sees the offensive upside.