Filip Suchy

Aaron Vickers

Suchy is a fiery and spirited winger who plays so much bigger than his size would indicate possible. On the puck, he is not an overly flashy puck wizard, but he shows good decision-making and is able to keep the puck on his blade no matter how much pressure he is under. He is determined and carries the puck like an NFL running back, in that if there’s someone looking to hit him or get in his way, he just quickly changes direction and avoids them. Suchy spends a lot of time from the circles on in, like right on the doorstep, in the offensive zone. He is a good power play quarterback, playing as the rover on the half wall and sneaking into the slot or the crease when the puck is put on net. He has a really quick and accurate wrist shot, and likes to shoot it often. He is a really efficient forechecker, constantly applying pressure and finishing his checks. Despite being of limited size, he has no problems sticking his nose in after whistles, giving a whack or two and trying to get opposition off their games. Suchy can go over the line physically from time to time and will need to mature that aspect of his game. He has impressive speed and change of direction, as well as strong lateral agility. He shows off his speed, especially during penalty killing situations. Suchy is good off the puck and defensively, always hustling back to help out his defensemen. He can look downright cocky at times confronting his peers.   (May 2016)