Filip Pyrochta

Darren Walker

Mobile defenseman who has played a more offensive than defensive game late in the season. He’s not a very strong skater, but he can build up his speed and that helps him join the rush or hustle back if needed. Offensively, he’s great at the blue line. His shot is hard and accurate, and he is a great power play quarterback. A natural stick handler, he can carry the puck up ice by himself or feed it to his receivers from the blue line. Sometimes his pass gets intercepted, but he’s capable of making that one-of-a-kind pass that you just react to by saying “Wow.” His physical play has diminished now that he’s smaller than most of his opponents and he relies on his stick to make defensive plays. Still, he isn’t the kind of D-man who would blow coverage every second time the opposing team attacks. He’s still pretty effective back in his own zone even though I wouldn’t call him very good. As for character, Pyrochta is a hard-working player off the ice and his teammates like being around him. He is also disciplined and very rarely takes a stupid penalty. Sometimes he’s got problems with consistency. (May 2014)