Filip Gustavsson

Aaron Vickers

Gustavsson mainly relies on his size and sound positioning in the crease to stop the puck. The big Swede mainly does his work within the paint, and succeeds due to how big he can make himself as he can cover most of the net. That is not to say that he does not come out to aggressively cut down on the shooting angles, but just that he only leaves his crease when the play is coming into the zone off the rush. This makes his side-to-side movement fast, and makes is easier for him to block shots that require him to go post-to-post. He seals off the ice very well and stays tight to his post when the play is in the corner. He is a very efficient goalie, not making a bunch of unnecessary movements. Gustavsson’s legs are strong and he possesses a real good glove that allows him to avoid giving up many rebounds. He uses the blocker a lot throughout games to steer the puck into the corners. His rebound-control is good, but not great. He has a good presence of mind to break up plays with his stick and deflect rebounds away in the corner, keeping opposing forwards from getting great secondary scoring chances close to his crease. With his great reflexes and calm in the net, he makes saves look easy. Gustavsson shows strength in tight as he fights to see through bodies, and he will hack at the ankles of forwards if they are not being cleared from his line of sight. One thing we notice about him is that he plays a lot from his knees and does not pop back up when the play stays deep in his zone. Overall, he seems like a very steady and consistent goalie, with few major ups and downs to his game.  (May 2016)