Filip Forsberg

Aaron Vickers

Forsberg is the most complete player out of Sweden. He has smarts, powerful skating, excellent two-way skills and nice size, but is not excellent in terms of high-end speed. Forsberg’s skating is solid, he is very agile and has good acceleration. He possesses a great pair of hands, a very good shot and a nose for the net. Forsberg has the hockey sense to be a scoring threat any time the puck is in the offensive end. He is willing to use his size to protect the puck and his impressive strength to battle hard along the wall for pucks. He is a very versatile player that can be your leading scorer, shut down winger, top PP threat and top PK option as well. He does not possess Galchenyuk or Grigorenko’s dazzling hand skills but he shows a sense of knowing what to do with the puck before it even gets to his stick. Defensively he reads the play well, blocking shots, throwing his body around and closing down lanes and comes back deep into his own zone to help out. He also proves to be a threat by picking the puck up and transitioning quickly to offense. He wants the puck on his stick but without it he can find the creases in the offensive zone and is a danger to get open for a prime scoring chance. His game translates very well to the pro level in North America. (May 2012)