Filip Chlapik

Aaron Vickers

Skilled, playmaking centerman who can play a effective two-way game. He is a smooth skater
with a fast, long and controlled stride. He also has good lateral agility, showing off his very
elusive footwork and ability to shake defenders. He possesses a wide stance on his skates,
which allows him to maintain balance when pushed. While he primarily uses his puck skills to
maintain possession he does show flashes of dynamic offensive talent and he will exploit gaps
if defenders are too aggressive with him. Chlapik is a very cerebral skater and slows the game
down when he has the puck. He is also very strong for his size. He plays a big game and protects
the puck exceptionally well. He dishes great passes from varying ranges; his playmaking
skills are above-average and he sees the play develop quickly in front of him. He does have a
pretty shot good release and hard wrist shot; although, it is not at an elite level. Chlapik isn’t the
most physical, but he will finish his checks (in a passive way). Chlapik has great hockey IQ and
is a really smart player who can dictate the play when he has the puck is on his stick. He has
good anticipation too. He gives sound support to his defensemen and fills in for them when they
pinch into the zone. Defensively he is pretty aware of his responsibilities; he will back check and
blanket his man.  (May 2015)