Filip Ahl

Darren Walker

Ahl is a big boy who loves to play the typical power forward role. He skates well for a big
man; not overly speedy but has a long, powerful stride and is surprisingly agile. He isn’t overly
talented with the puck on his stick, but is effective in possessing and using fundamental skills to
ward away opponents. Has the ability to power through checks and thrives in the area around
the net. He has some zip on his passes and processes the game quick enough to allow him
to catch opponents napping. Keeps his head up for shot opportunities off the pass, but is most
dangerous hunting for the loose pucks. We like his compete level and willingness to throw hits.
Takes the body over the puck, but has good stick skills to strip opponents and come away with
possession in battles. He uses his long wing span to take away space with his stick and back
checks with vigor. The only flaw we see in this north/south power winger is his tendency to drag
his ass late in shifts. We like Ahl and believe he could be a middle six winger who can put up
some points by keeping the game simple. He will never be a big flashy offensive guy and will
need to improve his shift-to-shift consistency, but for an NHL team looking for a winger who
plays a heavy and simple game, he will be effective choice.  (May 2015)