Felix Sandstrom

Aaron Vickers

Felix is a big butter y style goalie who uses his size well. He seems to be a solidly instructed goalie, and that should come as no surprise with Pekka Alcén being his goalie coach. Doesn’t seem to have many big weaknesses, he just needs to get a bit better at everything. Makes himself look big in the net, but could improve his rebound control as that aspect in his game can get a little sloppy. He could have more patience before going down on his knees — something most young butter y stoppers need to learn. Glove and blocker hands seem solid, but nothing spectacular. Although he has a habit of positioning himself pretty deep in the net, he is quite big and can still cover a lot of net. He is pretty athletic for a guy his size, and reads the game well. He is exceptionally quick moving sideways and at shooting out to the top of his crease to cut angles on shooters. He seems to be able to consistently keep his eyes on the puck; finding it through traffic by moving his head until he finds the puck through any obstacles and legs. A little bit of a wildcard as he had a few injury issues this season that kept him out of the national spotlight for the most part and limited his time in the crease with Brynas. In our opinion, he could develop into the top puck stopper to come out of this draft. (May 2015)