Evan Cowley

Darren Walker

Cowley is a project goaltender but one with very high upside. He has the size that NHL team crave when it comes to developing puck stoppers. He’s very raw as he was a self-taught netminder for most of his hockey career. He has very long limps but flexible and has much room to grow. He needs to improve his lateral speed which should come along with adding more leg strength to the equation. He comes out to challenge the shooter and reads the developing play well. He has some holes while he is moving under his arms and between the pads but does his best to seal off the ice down low and remain upright in posture. He has a de- cent glove and blocker and can also handle the puck a bit as well. He has some solid character as he wins and loses games as a team, not blaming his defense but instead consoling them as a good teammate should. When he does let a bad goal by him, he treats it with the amnesia a focused puck stopper should and moves on. He’s very raw, has those as long limbs and will need to add considerable mass and strength to his lower frame and get some solid technical coaching to max out potential. The NHL team that selects him will need to be patient and allow him to develop at a slower pace. (May 2013)