Evan Cormier

Aaron Vickers

Cormier is a big butterfly goaltender who is adept at making clutch saves in close with his quick legs and impressive flexibility. Not often do you see a goaltender who is as flexible and solid in the sprawl as he is. He reminds us a lot of Pittsburgh’s hot young stopper Matthew Murray. Cormier controls the play with his anticipation and mobility, which also allows him to make a few saves he has no business making. He can let a few second or even third chances out there into the slot, but he is a competitor who never gives up on a rebound and forces himself into position to make the save. Benefiting from his large frame, Cormier has an excellent push off that allows him to go post-to-post very quickly, deflating opposition opportunities behind the net and in the cycle. With that, however, he can also lose his net when opponents get him moving around his crease. His more than reliable glove hand can stymie even the best of the opposing team’s snipers. Cormier gets up and down quick, covering a good portion of the net, and tracks the puck exceptionally well. He is raw in some areas, but is a real competitor and someone who can easily work on his weaknesses. Cormier is a player we are sure will get a lot of attention at the NHL Draft due to his strong future potential.   (May 2016)