Erik Foley

Aaron Vickers

Foley is a dynamic, multi-talented forward. If you are looking for a forward to go out there,
grind and set the tempo, he can do it. If you are looking for a forward to go out there and completely
take over a game offensively for stretches at a time, he has the ability to do that too.
There are many great facets to his game, but also things what need work. Skating wise, he
displays moments of great explosiveness. He likes to lull the defenders to sleep through the
neutral zone, and then just blow right around them as soon as he enters the zone. He has great
agility and is light on his feet, making quick shifts to avoid the defenders. He smartly changes his
pace of play to not allow the defenders to adjust to him. Has skilled hands and is creative with
the puck in the offensive zone. Has the ability to turn the defenders inside out with quick dekes
and also power his way through checks. He is a very smart player who is able to quickly think
things through, then make proper decision and heads-up plays. His ability to possess the puck
in traffic is inconsistent, in a strange way, in that he is fantastic carrying the puck one shift and
then looks like he is batting around a rock the next. He will need to improve his strength and has
some work to do in his own zone. Will sacrifice the body and block shots in his zone, showing
an honest effort to get back and defend. It is his positioning, technique and consistency that will
need some fine tuning.  (May 2015)