Eric Macadams

Aaron Vickers

MacAdams is an elusive, playmaking forward. His strength is in his feet as he is shifty and
quick. These qualities allow him to avoid defenders when skating with the puck or stay stuck to
his man when defending. When he goes to a pressure forecheck, he suffocates players with his
ability to stay on their hip. He uses this speed and quickness to unsuspectingly catch opponents
and slip under their arm, stealing the puck and turning it back up ice. Can absolutely fly in possession,
but has a tendency to hold onto the puck for too long at times. His other main strength
is his passing ability. He sees the whole ice surface very well and shows the ability to thread
even the smallest of openings. With that said, we think he is too much of a pass first guy. There
are always a few instances in each game when he should shoot the puck, but instead, wastes
the opportunity looking to pass it off. Granted, because of his playmaking ability, these passes
still result in scoring chances, but we want to see a little more selfish, well-rounded play out of
him. He has a great compete level and rarely shies away from a puck battle. Despite his just
average size and strength, he digs in and relentlessly fights for that puck, often coming out with
possession. Shows off his impressive hockey sense as he covers the point when he sees his
defenseman pinching and supports his linemate going hard after a puck in the corner. His vision
and hockey sense are what stand out most as he creates offensive chances and sees where to
be defensively because of this.  (May 2015)