Eric Gelinas

Aaron Vickers

A big body that skates well…possesses great speed for his size and very impressive overall mobility…thinks the game with a defensive first approach but also makes a solid first pass and can make plays with the puck… outstanding reach and quick hands…has a nice shot from the point and gets it on net consistently…he jumps up into the play when if is safe and he will not get caught defensively…uses his strength and size well in his own zone…controls his gaps like a pro…he reads the play well and anticipates the play to break it up…is dependable and will get the job done…fills lanes well and blocks shots. Needs to add strength as he is tall but gangly…offensively he is not a creative playmaker…needs to ramp up his physical play and be more aggressive utilizing his size…defensive positioning needs to be better as he leaves his post and chases the puck at times. (May 2009)