Eric Cornel

Darren Walker

Cornel is a two-way center with very impressive mobility. He is a very fast skater with an upright skating style who reaches top speed in a matter of a couple short strides. He generates a lot of power in his first few steps, and is fairly strong on his skates and pivots very well. His speed increases when he is carrying the puck and he uses his speed and good stickhandling to enter the zone with ease. He has great control of the puck as he skates through traffic. Cornel is very strong
on the puck and protects it well; he knows when to cut one way or another and be able to get around opponents to get to the net or pass the puck off. He generates a lot of scoring chances and, without
the puck, consistently gets to a position to score. Cornel is a very smart center who showed his ability to have an impact in all three zones. He shows good awareness and anticipation. Cornel
does a lot of little things that make big differences during the course of a game. He pressures
hard on the forecheck and forces defenders to give up the puck. He possesses a high compete
level and has a quick snap shot. Cornel doesn’t give up on plays around net and has a very
powerful wrist shot. When he carries the puck, he kicks his speed into another gear. Cornel
is a playmaking center. He shows great passing skills. He makes the players around him
better with his ability to dish the puck. Cornel anticipates where teammates will be and gets
them the puck. He showed he is responsible in his own zone. He sees the game well, and
is rarely caught out of position. Cornel continually supported his d-men down low, giving
them simple ways out of jams. (May 2014)