Eric Comrie

Darren Walker

Comrie is a goaltender that battles hard to make the save. He’s athletic with some good slide and angles play. His balance appears to be good and keeps his torso fairly upright while he is in the butter y and during goal mouth scrambles. He makes a good glove save and deflects the rebound off his blocker to the corner if he can’t deaden the puck. He’s quick post-to-post, reacts well and battles through screens. While his technical game is one of his strongest areas, it’s also one of the areas that needs the most work. He plays his angles well and has good posture, challenges the puck pretty well. Unfortunately, he can over-play his angles on quick passes or certain offensive zone chances. That tends to force him to scramble more than he should. Comrie’s rebound control is also an area he can work on as he tends to leave pucks fairly close to him that hit his chest or arms and these close proximity rebounds force scramble situations. He has lightning quick movements, is very agile in the crease and can make the desperation save when needed. Teams will need to check with medical to be sure his hip issues which required season ending surgery will not be chronic or reoccurring. (May 2013)