Emile Poirier

Darren Walker

Poirier is an offensive-minded forward with skill to burn. He’s more quick than fast, but can also turn on the afterburner which is good to see as this aspect of his game has come a long way. A pass-first player, he distributes the puck well because he keeps his head on a swivel and sees the ice well. He is not afraid to try any passing play and can make accurate passes on the forehand or backhand with pressure in his face. He can handle the puck, making creative dekes with quick hands but is more effective at trying to get around the defender with puck protection and change of pace or powering through them than trying to beat them one-on-one. He has a decent shot but needs to improve his release. Despite his decent size, Poirier is not much of a physical player. He will drop the gloves when provoked, though, and engages in puck battles and deliver hits in the corner. He is willing to block a shot and displays good defensive awareness, strong on the PK. He tends to try the cute passing play more often than he should, instead of taking the simple available option. Poirier needs to not play so individualistic and use his teammates better for zone entry. He also needs to work on his consistency, as he is a streaky point producer who can go stretches without scoring, but the talent is there. (May 2013)