Emil Johansson

Darren Walker

A poised and skilled defenseman who fails to really stand out in any particular aspect of the game. Johansson is a very good skater. Always keeps his feet moving. Good speed/acceleration and he ́s good at transitioning from forward to backward. He uses his low center of gravity in a way that makes him very hard to knock of balance and to stop opponents along the boards. His good first pass helps his forwards to keep their speed through mid-zone. Plays safe on the blue line and prefers to search for teammates rather than shoot the puck. Not the guy who throws big hits. Good work ethic and a team player. Understands the game and keeps it simple. Good positioning in D-zone. Tries to keep himself between the opponents and the net. Active stick work, stays calm even when under pressure and is also a good shot blocker. Needs to develop his offensive game instead of keeping things safe and shoot the puck more. (May 2014)