Elias Lindholm

Darren Walker

Lindholm has great overall mobility. He moves quick in any direction and has superb acceleration. He does not over-skate situations which some other juniors tend to do. He’s very agile, being able to twist and turn in and out of traffic while using the other tools in his toolbox to create offense. He’s got very good balance, which will help him make up for any physical shortcomings when it comes to protecting the puck and battling for it along the boards. Skating is definitely not his most impressive asset as a hockey player, but nonetheless, his skating helps make Lindholm the complete package he is. His top asset is his vision/ smarts/decision-making as Lindholm sees the ice like few others, not only for passing purposes but also in his ability to see the game unfold. He has a great understanding of when to distribute the puck and when to hold on to it a bit longer and look for a better option. Lindholm has a decent frame and uses it well. He isn’t a hard-hitter but he does for sure try to finish his checks regularly and he isn’t afraid of entering the gritty areas. He protects the puck extremely well, has got great hand eye coordination and can handle the puck at a high speed and in tough traffic. He can control the play even when tightly checked along the boards, can play an up-tempo give-and-go style of play down low to make use of his linemates and create opportunities. Lindholm sees the ice extremely well and displays high intelligence in his decision-making. He doesn’t possess the heaviest of shots but is able to shoot intelligently and make the right decisions when to re the puck. He gets his shots off quickly and they are very accurate. Defensively he backchecks, understanding his assignment, reads the play well and always tries to make himself available for a pass, especially helping his d-men out nicely in their own zone. While he always tries finishing checks, battling hard along the boards – he is not a punishing player and will never be a bruising hitter. He’s strong on his skates, so he can protect the puck, and be relatively successful in board battles as well as scrambles around the crease but succeeds because of his oft-mentioned smartness. (May 2013)