Egor Rykov

Aaron Vickers

A big, strong two-way defender with some solid upside. Shows very good vision and instincts in both ends of the ice, which allows him to find success on the ice. Rykov is strong on his feet and solid in his stride, but can be a little choppy at times. Possesses very good lateral movements and is hard to knock off stride. Quick to offer support to teammates and makes accurate, crisp passes on the tape. Has an awkward wind up when attempting to take a slap shot, but has the power and velocity to scare goaltenders. Has a long reach that he uses to separate the puck from opponents and for cutting off opposing shooting lanes. Plays his man tight in the defensive zone and does a good job of removing the puck from him in tight. We are not thrilled with some of his body language in games this season as he would sometimes openly criticize a teammate if they missed one of his passes or made a questionable play with the puck. Despite those issues and some on again, off again consistency issues, there is stuff to like here. He’s big, he’s strong, he plays with force and power and can execute the little plays effectively. If he can mature and cut out some of his issues, there is a gem of a prospect under there. (May 2015)