Edwin Minney

Darren Walker

A sound goaltender in terms of his positioning, Minney has good size and is very calm in net. Minney stole the show for the U.S. in goal this season, and had a strong, impressive season that boosted him up the rankings. He challenges shooters nicely and plays aggressively on his angles, taking space nicely from shooters. He is a strong goaltender at this age in terms of his ability to stay sharp and gets his body in position to make a save. He is fairly mobile in his crease, and has decent footwork and quickness. He sets well and has above-average lateral speed, but will use his size to his advantage in order to take up space when he gets low. His rebound control is solid and he does a good job swallowing pucks. He reads the play well in net and anticipates nicely. He positions his hands well, and has an effective blocker and mobile glove. He has issues handling and playing the puck at times and that needs work. (May 2014)