Dysin Mayo

Darren Walker

Mayo is a calm and smooth defenseman who can play in all situations and projects to improve a lot in our eyes. Mayo is a very smooth skater. He has exceptional balance and powers through transitions. He moves effectively laterally and his backward-skating prowess is a major strength of his game. He also displays good gap control. His skating stride is very efficient and, although his feet are rarely churning, he displays good acceleration and top- end speed. He is comfortable with the puck and shows good control overall. His shot is heavy and is a weapon. He routinely makes clever passes, and shows great patience and vision with the puck. He isn’t the biggest player, but he relies on his smarts and smooth skating abilities to control the ice defensively and keep opposing threats to the outside. Mayo takes away time and space quickly because of his sound positioning, and isn’t afraid to throw the body. He wins most puck battles with intelligence and situational awareness rather than brute force. Mayo’s biggest strength is his hockey sense and it allows him to make plays at both ends of the ice. He has really improved his puck-moving skills consistently this season as he showed a lot more authority and confidence with the puck. We think he will put up very good numbers in the future as his body matures allowing him to impact the game in even more aspects. (May 2014)