Dylan Strome

Darren Walker

Strome doesn’t have the elite speed that his brother Ryan possesses, but he skates
in a more conservative way. He knows when to increase his speed and when to stay strong and balanced,
coasting to keep up with the play and position himself accordingly. He is balanced and fluid in
his movements while also taking a split second to explode from stationary. Moves exceptionally well
with the puck and takes his speed to another level with the puck on his stick. Strome oozes confidence
with the puck and can deke out defenders with skilled moves. Changes his hand speed to
fool goalies; stickhandling fast before slowing to a halt on a breakaway before snapping the puck
on net. Not flashy with the puck but is strong on it and makes plays happen. Has the ability to
pull a deke to get past defenders and to open space where he creates his own shooting lanes.
Strome has an innate ability to gain the zone and dish a beautiful pass to teammates as they
drive the net. He loves to thread the needle with passes and making defenders look silly for allowing
it to squeeze past them. He opens passing lanes for teammates by getting to open ice
and drawing defender in before making things happen. Strome is willing to battle on the wall
and for pucks but is better suited to be in open ice and not grinding it out along the wall. He
uses his reach to his advantage to poke pucks away from opponents and gets to his check
to cover him in the defensive zone. He is vocal, and active with teammates, pumping them
up, or calming them down, as he sees fit.  (May 2015)