Dylan Sadowy

Aaron Vickers

Sadowy isn’t the fastest skater, but he uses what speed he has to his advantage when separating himself from opponents. He moves well laterally. Not the most balanced as he can be knocked around. He knows the position he needs to get to to score and does everything he can to get there. Not the hardest of shots, but very accurate and consistently hits the target. He has a quick release when he needs it and makes smart decisions with the puck. A lot of determination on the forecheck pressuring opponents hard and closing off his opponent’s available passing lanes as well. Consistently battling to ensure that he gives his team possession of the puck. He makes nice accurate passes back and forth with teammates. Often drives the net with the puck and does anything in his power to generate shots, scoring chances or traffic in front of the net. He isn’t afraid to mix it up after the whistle and stand up for his teammates either. Defensively, he has a lot to improve on: communication with teammates, effectiveness on the penalty kill and getting caught running around and putting himself out of position. He collapses down low and often leaves his man unaccounted for. He really turned his game up a notch in the OHL playoffs. (May 2014)