Dylan McIlrath

Aaron Vickers

A huge, tough beast of a defenseman. Has really improved this season and added other facets to his already impressive game. While skating is not going to win him any races, he is also not a pylon as he maintains solid positioning and gaps on attackers. Shows a little offensive play to his game and looks to have a little upside in that regard. A feared WHL heavyweight fighter. Intimidates and his physicality does not stop at fisticuffs as he has the ability and aggressiveness which has earned him a reputation as a feared open-ice hitter as well. Uses his reach well with an active stick and massive wingspan to really close off his side of the ice. Has a hard point shot and has shown some nice passing skills especially when he needs to get the puck out of his own zone and start a rush. Does not overplay the puck but instead keeps everything simple. Plays with a strong physical edge. His puck handling skills leave much to be desired. Although he has improved his lateral mobility and transition from backward to forwards, he still has a bit of a lumbering stride. (May 2010)