Dylan Malmquist

Darren Walker

Malmquist is more of a two-way player, but excels on the offensive side of the puck as well. He is not the biggest guy on the ice, but he is extremely strong. Along with his strength, he is a real good skater, quick and elusive. Combining his strength and skating makes for a tough time for high school defenders to strip him of the puck. He has slick hands when controlling the puck. While he shows success making power moves from the outside, he also shows the ability to deke through defenders up the middle. He is able to control the puck while skating at high speed, with creativity and soft hands. Has the ability to receive the pass in motion with ease. We like his vision and smarts in the offensive zone as he always knows where to be and is always in a good scoring position. He is the type of player who the puck just always seems to find. He is real good on the forecheck, both as the man pressuring the puck and the man supporting the play. Defensively, he can be inconsistent, but when he is on, he pressures the puck real well and creates a lot of turnovers. Malmquist is offensively gifted and plays a solid two-way game. Is in dire need of muscle and weight if he wants to continue being successful at the next level of play. (May 2014)