Dylan Labbe

Aaron Vickers

Labbe is an underrated two-way blueliner, mainly because he’s an average skater. His first step needs improvement and he relies on positioning and physical play in his own zone rather than skating but can turn on the juice when needed to get to loose pucks or back on recovery. He remains extremely balanced and strong on his feet. Labbe is poised and calm with the puck in his own zone. He does not force the pass or the clear and knows how to navigate fore checkers. His puckhandling is also good in the neutral zone, where he loves having it on his stick. His anticipation is very good, he’s a smart player. His positioning usually places him where he needs to be. He sees the ice well and makes strong outlet passes. He needs to work on getting his shot off quicker. Labbe has a real mean streak to him. If you are going to hang out in front of that net, expect some lumber on your back or a glove to your face. Works very well in front of the net: he has an active stick… it’s always either pushing players, deflecting passes or lifting sticks. He jumps in to defend teammates routinely and isn’t afraid to finish his checks in open play. Labbe uses his skates and stick to block shots and disrupt passing lanes. He gives a consistent two-way effort every game, talented and smart. For a QMJHL rookie defenseman, he was pretty polished and had adapted very quickly to the leadership role that he had to take for Shawinigan this season. (May 2013)