Dylan Gambrell

Aaron Vickers

Gambrell is a center with size, skill and toughness. He puts forth a terrific effort shift after shift, outworking his opponents in the cycle-game and outplaying guys down low. He uses his body and his strength to win position on the boards and to come away with puck possession. He is also able to battle his way to the net where he finds some solid scoring chances on tips and rebounds. Gambrell has good speed with a solid skating stride and loves to take the body. He works hard defensively as well, coming back hard with the play on each shift and covering his position well. Gambrell uses his stick well to take away shooting and passing lanes, and he does a good job getting involved in the middle of the zone and tying up players to help out his defense. He is successful creating scoring chances, demonstrating impressive skill with the puck. He uses his speed to take it end-to-end, and he demonstrates poise with the puck when carrying it wide and waiting for a passing lane to open up. Gambrell does not panic under pressure and he protects the puck very well with his strength and with his reach when carrying it wide. He has very good vision and decision-making ability, and sets up his teammates very well from the perimeter. He is also able to lead a teammate through the middle of the ice with a quick lead pass. More of a pass-first player, Gambrell can also put the puck in the net with his quick shot from closer range. He plays a solid energy game with some offensive skill and defensive responsibility thrown in. He is very effective in throwing what weight he does have around.  (May 2016)