Dylan Blujus

Aaron Vickers

A big, strong offensive minded blueliner. Skates the puck up ice with good speed but lacks a little in his lateral mobility and agility. Has very good vision and ability to stretch the ice with his passing ability. His puck handling skills are developing nicely and he has shown the ability to rush the puck up ice. His point shot is also a weapon as it is hard and creates plenty of chances off the rebounds. Problem is his game is not consistent enough as he does not always make the right decisions with the puck. His defensive zone coverage is hit or miss. He can display strong gap control, solid d-zone positioning and reads one night and then play too passive in all regards the next. Can have a wavering attitude towards physical play as one game he is ultra aggressive battling hard impressing everyone and the next looks uninterested in getting his nose dirty. His overall game has come a long way over this past year but still is very raw. Possesses great potential with his size and skill but needs to fill out his lanky frame and work on bringing it every night. (May 2012)