Drew Vogler

Darren Walker

Steady and consistent, Vogler was one of the more impressive goal- tenders seen this season with his ability to step in the nets and just play a solid game. He has average size, but uses what he has effectively in net. He positions soundly in goal, and covers his angles and his crease very well. He comes out aggressively to challenge shooters and does a good job staying strong in the net and holding his position well. Very balanced and strong on his skates, he moves around quickly to set up for shots. He is strong when moving laterally, making his body big and taking up the net. He has a strong push and gets post to post quickly. He has strong rebound control and is able to stop play by covering the puck. He swallows it in his chest, and tracks shots through traffic impressively. He has good hands, with a quick glove and mobile blocker. Vogler has a con dent, poised way about him in net that seems to compose his team around him. His posture is strong and his awareness for the game is impressive. He plays the puck fairly well and communicates well with his defensemen. (May 2014)