Dougie Hamilton

Aaron Vickers

A very large frame and swift feet are a combination that do not always go together, Hamilton is an exception. Skates like the wind with a very long powerful stride that covers loads of ice in a small amount of time. Has great edge work and agility for such a big guy, moving as though he is a 5-6 forward and not a 6-5 defenseman. Is a constant physical presence using his large and still growing body and shows a willingness to throw clean open ice hits now and then. Makes attacker think twice about coming in the zone on his side as he uses a long reach and physical element to stop the rush. Jumps into the offensive zone aggressively and often times becoming that fourth forward. Has a nice shot that is both hard and accurate. Transitions the puck from defense to offense very quickly. Has good character and is a very coachable player. Likes the puck on his stick and is a threat to go end to end at any moment. Has a tendency to want to take the game over too much and can start running around his own zone and getting out of position as well as shooting to deep in the offensive zone and getting trapped on a quick transition. (May 2011)