Dmitri Jaskin

Aaron Vickers

A true highly skilled power forward. Gritty and strong along the wall, protecting the puck and maintaining possession. Uses quick soft hands to handle the puck, sometimes like it is attached to his stick. Willing and able to play physical and drive the puck into dirty areas as well as going hard to the net without it. Has good hockey sense and smarts, sees play develop and gets himself to the right spots on the ice. Good offensive instincts and pass- ing abilities. Possesses hard and accurate wrist and snap shots that are usually labelled to the top shelf and come off his stick in a split second. Real strong balanced kid who can make skilled moved with defenders draped all over him. Hard for defenders to control down low and on the cycle. Has a high compete level, a healthy intensity and good character. Skating is a major deficiency for Jaskin to work on as his feet are slow and he has heavy boots out of the gate which makes his mobility questionable. He is below average with his straight line speed but his acceleration is an area that really begs attention. (May 2011)