Dillon Fournier

Aaron Vickers

A smooth skating two-way rearguard with some solid offensive potential. Blesses with fluid feet and good all-round speed that will only improve with improved leg strength. Possesses great offensive instincts as he is always looking to join the attack or transition the puck. He can fall into funks of making bad puck deci- sions with the puck, forcing passes that just aren’t there at times. Has great vision and unbelievable passing ability. Plays with an active stick trying to close off lanes and check puck carriers. Plays calm under pressure, for the most part, and finds his options instead of just dumping the puck off the glass. Comfortable with the puck on his stick and has the ability to move it up ice quickly. Not strong and does not have the strength to physically separate the puck from opponents. Much of what Fournier brings is in terms of his future upside as he needs much work on his physical frame and defensive game. Has to get stronger to play a more physical game in his own zone as well as boost his shot that is lacking in velocity. (May 2012)