Dillon Dube

Aaron Vickers

Dube is a noticeable energizer bunny from start to finish. He has a smaller frame, but he is fairly filled out and sturdy along the walls. The best part of his game is his consistent speed and relentless forward-thinking attitude. He is very explosive and creates a lot of speed in the blink of an eye. He can blow past defensemen off the rush and does not hesitate to take the puck to the net. He makes WHL defenders look like pylons at times with his energetic bursts. Dube is effective using his feet to push through small holes in the defense, taking himself to prime scoring areas. He has a nice release and accuracy on his wrist shot, looking to pick corners from inside the circle. He displays his vision stopping up at the half-wall before hitting the tape of his teammates through traffic as they go to the net. Dube has the puck skill to beat a defender in a one-on-one situation with a subtle, but lightning-quick, deke. His fast stick also serves him well in the defensive zone and board play, where he is constantly getting in battles for the puck. He is a little small yet, but likes to play a brash, physical game. He shows great work ethic as he recognizes a need defensively and drives back hard into the defensive zone to help defend any odd-man rushes. We like his drive, speed, smarts and skill as he packs a good two-way punch for a smaller forward.   (May 2016)