Devin Shore

Aaron Vickers

A super talented playmaking forward with a good head on his shoulders. Skates with decent top speed but needs to work on his first few steps. Has fine agility and lateral mobility, especially with the puck on his stick. Reads the developing play in the attacking zone very well and makes snap decisions which usually lead to offensive chances. Has very quick hands and the ability to consistently carry the puck into the offensive zone and the elusiveness to maintain possession until he can dish off a pass to an open teammate. Knows where to be on the ice in each situation. Will go into traffic or take the puck to the net from time to time but he usually gets knocked off the puck when he tries to make a strong power move due to his lack of strength. A playmaker with high-end vision, a whole basket of passing tricks who does a good job anticipating his opponents and makes consistently strong passes. Also has a bit of that ’nose for the net’ but needs to improve his shot velocity to be a more consistent scoring threat. The University of Maine recruit’s offensive creativity and hockey sense will take him far. (May 2012)